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Dental Crowns

Severe damage or tooth decay does not need to spell the end for your smile. With professional dental restorations, such as dental crowns in Calabasas, patients can see lasting cosmetic and functional improvement in damaged teeth. With natural-looking, long-lasting results, crowns are a favorite among patients who want to give their smile a second chance.
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What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns serve as a prosthetic cap that sits atop a damaged tooth, restoring both its appearance and function. At TruGlo Modern Dental, we provide patients with custom 3D-printed crowns that are hand-painted by our in-house ceramic specialist. This ensures your crown is a perfect match for your smile and looks natural.

This tooth restoration is best for patients who have significant damage to their teeth, yet the tooth is healthy enough not to be pulled. Instead, the crown sits over the damaged portion, protecting it and allowing you to chew or bite with it as before. In short, a crown returns both a tooth’s integrity and its appearance.

A 3D image of a dental bridge

Benefits of dental crowns

  • Custom-made for a natural look
  • Restore even heavily damaged teeth
  • Improve the appearance of your smile
  • Enhance the treated tooth’s strength
  • Can hold a filling or weak tooth together
  • Durable materials for years of results



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Getting dental crown: Overview of the process

Most patients can expect about two visits to our office to get dental crowns. Your first visit will include an exam and consultation to determine if a crown is the best solution for your teeth. In some cases, we can move forward with the process in this visit, though it is often best to come back on another day.

The next step involves preparing the tooth, such as addressing any active decay or smoothing out the surface. Once the tooth is ready, we take an impression of it, which we send to our in-house fabricator to create your permanent crown. In the meantime, you will receive a temporary crown to cover the targeted tooth.

The last visit takes care of placing the crown. Once we receive your crown from the lab, we will place it over the tooth, affixing it permanently. We use local numbing when needed to ensure your experience with us is pain-free. Still, mild soreness following each step is within normal expectations.

When do you need dental crowns?

We offer several restorative dental procedures, so knowing which one is right for you might seem complicated at first. For dental crowns, one of the key signs you might need a crown is you have a severely worn-down or damaged tooth. This could be from decay, wear and tear, or even an injury. If a large part of the tooth is missing from how it was before, then a crown might be your best solution. The aim of a crown is to cover and support a damaged tooth, serving as a prosthetic tooth that looks and feels just like the natural thing. Since our crowns are almost exclusively made from a tooth-colored material, no one will even know it is there.

How long do dental crowns last?

Modern materials allow dental crowns to not only look exceptional but to last for years. With proper care and routine dental visits, patients can expect their crowns to last well over 10 years, with many enjoying their crowns for up to 15 years. Once your crown has worn down, the good news is that it can be replaced. And by the time it needs replacing, dental medicine will likely have progressed again and provide an even better crown. To get the most out of your crown, we recommend brushing and flossing twice daily, visiting a dentist twice a year, and avoiding certain habits that wear down the teeth (e.g., soda, alcohol, smoking).
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Does insurance cover crowns?

Since dental crowns can be a vital tooth restoration procedure, most dental insurances will cover the procedure to some extent. However, the amount covered and what each patient has to pay out of pocket varies with each carrier. We gladly work with patients to see what their insurance coverage is for dental crowns, allowing you to have a concrete understanding of what your total costs will be.


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The best dentist ever! Everyone from the front desk to the doctors are truly one of a kind. I enjoy all my visits. If you have a fear of the dentist like I do, they will make that go away with ease. 10/10!
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I’ve been to many dentists and I’m happy to say I have finally found my permanent one! Everyone has been so nice and treats me as their bestie. Not only that, my teeth have been in the best shape ever.
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Amazing office, great staff and top tier patient care. Nora my dental hygienist is the best in town and Dr. Kalasho is an amazing dentist with so much knowledge! You need to come here.
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