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Dental Fillings

Tooth decay is the most common obstacle to having a full and healthy smile. Fortunately, stopping it in its early stages is quick, painless, and consistently effective. That is where our treatments in Calabasas come into the picture. Using fillings, we can repair your tooth and protect it from the downsides of tooth decay.

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Dental Fillings in Calabasas

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are used to restore teeth affected by the early stages of tooth decay. Namely, fillings do the work of filling in holes caused by tooth decay, which are known as cavities. It can be made of several different materials, but our composite fillings are the most popular because they match the natural color of your teeth. For most patients, the entire process is painless and quick, with benefits that can last for years.

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  • Quick and comfortable procedure
  • Boost the stability of your teeth
  • Improve the appearance of your teeth
  • Strengthen tooth against infection
  • Restore tooth function for biting and chewing
  • Lasts for years



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Getting dental fillings: Overview of the process

For most patients, receiving a dental filling is a convenient and comfortable experience. The process involves three key steps, lasting a total of about half an hour per tooth treated. And yes, you can get multiple fillings in a single visit.

Preparing the area:

Before working with the tooth, we want to ensure that there are no bacteria that can get in. We clean and sanitize the surrounding teeth to create a bacteria-free environment. We also will inject local numbing to ensure you have a pain-free experience.

Clearing out decay:

The next step is to remove any parts of the tooth that are currently affected by decay. This can last anywhere from a couple of minutes (for simple cases) to about half an hour (for more involved cases). If any bacteria is left in the vulnerable parts of the tooth, it can lead to infection. So this step is crucial.

Placing the filling:

Finally, we place the filling and adjust it so that it blends in well with the shape of your tooth. The time for this step can vary, depending on the material used and the extent of work needed.

When do you need dental fillings?

Sometimes, it can be visibly obvious that you need a filling. If you have a tooth that is noticeably decayed or deformed, then it may be time for a filling (or even a root canal). However, many patients won’t notice the early signs of a cavity forming, as there are little to no symptoms in the first stages. This is part of what makes your routine dental visits so important. If you have regular dental exams, then your dentist can track any tooth decay and recommend treatment before it becomes a larger issue down the road. While cavities can start out painless, if the decay continues, your tooth could be put at risk. Permanent damage, infection, and tooth loss are some of the risks of untreated tooth decay.

How long do dental fillings last?

The durability of dental fillings depends on two elements: how well your teeth are cared for and the materials used. Regular brushing and flossing, along with routine dental visits, are the best ways to prolong the durability, regardless of their material. However, the total lifespan is closely tied to the material.

  • Gold: Lasts the longest (15 to 30 years) but is highly visible.
  • Silver Amalgam: Lasts the second longest (10 to 15 years) and is slightly less visible.
  • Composite Resin: Lasts the shortest (5 to 7) years but matches the natural color of your teeth.
Still, these ranges are the average. So, with proper care and a tooth-healthy lifestyle, patients can see their fillings last a long time, regardless of their material.
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Does insurance cover fillings?

The good news is that most dental insurances will cover dental fillings to some degree. We are happy to help you understand your dental plan so you can have an accurate estimation of your total out-of-pocket costs.


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The best dentist ever! Everyone from the front desk to the doctors are truly one of a kind. I enjoy all my visits. If you have a fear of the dentist like I do, they will make that go away with ease. 10/10!
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I’ve been to many dentists and I’m happy to say I have finally found my permanent one! Everyone has been so nice and treats me as their bestie. Not only that, my teeth have been in the best shape ever.
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Amazing office, great staff and top tier patient care. Nora my dental hygienist is the best in town and Dr. Kalasho is an amazing dentist with so much knowledge! You need to come here.
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