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Root Canal

Severe damage or tooth decay does not need to spell the end for your smile. With professional dental restorations, such as dental crowns in Calabasas, patients can see lasting cosmetic and functional improvement in damaged teeth. With natural-looking, long-lasting results, crowns are a favorite among patients who want to give their smile a second chance.
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Root Canal in Calabasas

What is a root canal and how is it treated?

The root canal is the inner portion of the tooth in which the blood vessels and nerves are situated. In a healthy tooth, these tissues (called the pulp) function normally without you ever knowing they are there. However, when this part of the tooth becomes exposed to bacteria, it can become infected. The two main ways this can happen are through severe tooth decay and an injury that cracks open the tooth. In both of these instances, the inner part of the tooth becomes exposed and vulnerable to bacterial invasion.

While an infected tooth is a serious condition, the good news is that treating it is simple and quick. A root canal treatment (sometimes just called a ‘root canal’) clears out the infected tissue and seals off the interior of the tooth, saving it in the process. Without timely care, the infection could worsen or spread, leading to increased health risks and tooth loss.

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Benefits of root canal treatment

  • Alleviate severe symptoms of infection
  • Restore the health of your mouth
  • Prevent the loss of a tooth
  • Stop the infection from spreading to other teeth or your body
  • Quick and well-tolerated procedure
  • Long-lasting results



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Getting a root canal: Overview of the process

For most patients, having a root canal treatment will mean only a single visit to our office, with a treatment time of less than an hour. The process typically only involves two core steps: cleaning the tooth and sealing it. However, for patients who have a more involved case, the treatment could take over 90 minutes and may require a second visit (e.g., to fit a crown). But such cases are much less common. The majority of our patients will have a quick, comfortable, and convenient experience with their treatment.
Before we start, we numb the area, which prevents any pain from start to finish. While many patients come in worried about this procedure, they leave surprised at how mild it actually is. Most report it being similar to a routine dental filling procedure. Your dentist will carefully clean and clear out any infected parts of the tooth, ensuring there are no bacteria. Once the tooth is cleaned, the root canal will be filled and sealed off to prevent bacteria from entering in the future.

When do you need root canal treatment?

One of the easiest ways to know you need a root canal is if it feels like you need one. What this means is if you have significant symptoms such as pain, swelling, or discoloration around your tooth, then these likely point to an infection. We recommend calling a dentist right away, as waiting only allows the infection to continue to spread. We even take same-day emergency appointments for root canal treatment: it’s that important.

How long do the results last?

How long your root canal results will last can depend on a few factors. First, the quality of your oral hygiene routine is essential to seeing long-term results. Things like brushing twice a day and visiting your dentist every six months will play major roles in keeping your tooth in good shape. The average is about 10 to 15 years for a tooth to stay in good shape following a root canal. Over time, the filling or crown can begin to wear down and may need to be replaced. Or, the tooth may require additional treatments if more decay has occurred. Remember, these timelines are averages, so some patients may see their treated tooth last a lifetime.
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Does insurance cover a root canal?

A root canal is a vital procedure to preserve a patient’s health, so almost all dental insurance plans will cover it. However, the amount of the cost covered will vary. We will gladly work with you to understand what your insurance plan does and does not cover, allowing you to have a clear understanding of what out-of-pocket costs you can expect for a root canal treatment.


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